Create Your Own Chat GPT Team

Video editing of a tutorial video for the Heights Platform YouTube channel, teaching people how they can build
their own Chat GPT team to assist them in daily tasks.

About the client

Heights is an AI-powered software that enables entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses. It provides tools for building courses, communities, challenges, and coaching programs, including landing page creation and payment processing. Heights aims to help students translate new knowledge into action.

The project

Heights Platform aimed to make a tutorial video for their YouTube Channel. The video would showcase their use of Chat GPT to enhance productivity, demonstrating how anyone can assemble their own team of Chat GPTs. We received raw footage from the CEO of Heights, with the task of editing it, adding motion graphics, and adjusting sound and color.

Our goal was to ensure clarity in the video, as it was a tutorial. We aimed to present the message in a way that the audience could easily understand and act upon. The primary focus was on utilizing motion graphics to emphasize the points made in the video.