JAC Best Global Distributor Award

Production of a video for JAC Mexico to showcase their factory and dealership, as well as their accomplishments

in 2023 for the JAC Best Global Distributor Award.

About the client

JAC is an automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer with a 53-year history since it was founded in 1964. Currently, it has a presence in 120 countries. JAC Mexico arrived in the Mexican market in March 2017 with two SUVs. Today, it already offers 19 models and has become one of the largest sellers of electric cars in the country. JAC was the best-selling brand in Mexico in 2020, with nearly 60% of the market share.

The project

We were hired by JAC Mexico to produce a video for the JAC Best Global Distributor Award. The video aims to showcase the work of JAC in Mexico, highlighting the factory, dealership, processes, and the people who work there. Our approach was to tell the story of a car, from the initial assembly of its parts to the moment the customer drives away with their brand new vehicle.

To achieve this, we first focused on introducing the assembly parts of the cars, showcasing the factory, and the people involved in the manufacturing process. We also highlighted the various processes required to build a car and included shots of the completed vehicles. The video then transitions to the dealership, where we showcased the services provided, the customer service experience, and concluded by showing happy customers driving off in their new cars.

Since the purpose of the video was to highlight the work and achievements of JAC in Mexico in 2023, we incorporated text animations throughout the video to showcase exactly that.