Deel Padel Series 2023

Showcasing the first-ever Deel Padel Series in Mexico City during Mexico Tech Week.

About the client

Deel is a global company behind the all-in-one HR platform for global team, it equips teams with the tools, features, and guidance they need in a single platform to eliminate hiring and management borders

The project

Deel Padel Series is the first-ever Padel event organized by Deel in Mexico. To kick-off the project, we gained an understanding of the event’s flow, goals, and the desired mood for the aftermovie and photo album. Throughout the entire event, we were on-site, capturing the energetic atmosphere and networking that fueled the Padel series. The client requested a quick delivery, so we successfully delivered a photography album just 24 hours after the event and an event aftermovie in 4 days.