Furniture Design

Showcasing LICA’s final products in different environments.

About the client

Diseño LICA is an interior design studio that was established in 2019. It is comprised of young entrepreneurs and offers the expertise of designing and transforming spaces where the most cherished memories are made. They are dedicated to developing design projects that are based on a perfect recipe, which combines observation, interpretation, functionality, and personality, in order to create spaces that are infused with their clients’ unique essence.

The project

The client’s request was to showcase their products in use and demonstrate the final appearance after completing all the work. They wanted to highlight on their Instagram the quality of the final products and the materials used. We visited various locations in Mexico City where their products were installed. During these visits, we took numerous photos, carefully capturing both the overall presentation of the products and their details.

The results were photos published on their Instagram account, showcasing several of their products being used in different environments.